Hi, I’m Jeff. I design digital products, services and experiences. I strive to produce meaningful solutions to well-defined problems, using an appropriate process of research, design, and prototyping.

Designer at Upstatement

Projects & More

Coffee Calc Web App

Coffee Calc

iOS Web App, 2014

Coffee Calc is a mobile web app, optimized for iPhone, for helping home coffee brewers make great coffee. Using the app, brewers can quickly calculate exactly how much ground coffee to use based on the amount of coffee they’re making. Users can also switch between three metrics of measurement, and maintain their brewing ratio as they learn their coffee preference.

Visit coffeecalc.com.



Responsive Cards, 2014

At Upstatement, a small team of us helped Embedly bring better embedding tools to the content creators of the web. We designed and prototyped a responsive design system for new embeds, called Cards, along with some tools that make Cards enjoyable for content producers to use.

For more on the project, read the Upstatement portfolio entry, and start using Cards today with Embedly.

Clear Web Gestures

Clear Web Gestures

Web Experiment, 2013

I recreated some gestures and transitions from the iOS/OSX application Clear, right in the web browser using CSS3, Javascript, Hammer.js. I decided to share this experiment with others, in hopes of inspiring designers to consider more gestural possibilities of the web.

Visit the experiment page.



Web & Email, 2013–Present

At Upstatement, everyone browses the web; but before Courier, we rarely shared our best finds with each other. Beginning as a manually-sent email every morning, I grew Courier into a multi-faceted part of the workplace: with a submission bookmarklet, daily digest email, and a news feed. Since March 2013, over 1000 links have been shared within the office.

Read the Upstatement blog post.

Health Analytics Website Image

Health Analytics

Web Application, 2012–2013

At Upstatement, I contributed to the design and front-end development of a health analytics web application: a suite of tools for medical professionals to track and understand the quality of their care. I led design efforts while also being involved in research, UI guideline development, front-end development, testing, and more.

This project is currently under wraps to maintain the privacy of the client.



Web Application, 2010–2013

My brother Dan and I co-founded Nollr: a customizable start page where users can discover and save their favorite websites, widgets, and other content into a simple, beautiful dashboard. The project is currently in private beta.

Visit the Nollr homepage.

Seven Days of Earthquakes

Seven Days of Earthquakes

Website, 2011–2012

Seven Days of Earthquakes is an interactive website and visualization that demonstrates how geologically active our planet is. Using data made accessible by the USGS, I created a website and Processing-based interactive visualization that allows users to explore the world of earthquakes for themselves.

The original data source has been deprecated. Watch the project’s original demo video, or view the archived site.



Concept, 2012

EcoNoise is a consumer-awareness system for the impact of audio products on the environment. The system is comprised of a in-store product label, as well as an iPad app. The ecoNoise app allows consumers to compare the impact of new audio products they may be considering purchasing, and can also grade the customer based on their currently-owned audio products.

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